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Cohen Rimon Cohen

The lobbying firm Cohen Rimon Cohen is a sister company of Rimon Cohen Sheinkman. It focuses on political, public and financial lobbying and is owned by Dafna Cohen, Roni Rimon and Benny Cohen.

Cohen Rimon Cohen announces a new era in the practice of lobbying in Israel, employing new standards of professionalism, quality service and delivery. For the first time, lobbying transcends old-fashioned intercession, offering a sophistication and flexibility that suits the current structure and needs of the business world.

Company site:

This is a partial list of our clients:

Yes Satellite TV, EMG Gas Company, The Provident Association, The Teachers Union, The Contractors Union, The Israel Internet Association, Beeper, The Schechter Institute, Paamonim, The Book Publishers Association, The Zionist Youth Movement, Isracard, Yellow Pages.

The Partners:

Daphna Cohen
CEO and Partner

BA Psychology (Bar Ilan University) and Cinema Studies (Maaleh).
Cohen has been a leading lobbyist since 1998 and is a former partner of the lobbying firm Gilead. She is a regulations and legislations expert with extensive experience in both initiating and preventing legislation. Cohen has a rich and highly successful history managing exclusive high profile files including Channel 10, The Jewish Agency, Teva, The Israel Standards Institute and Yes Satellite TV. She also gained vast experience through managing struggles related to budget and regulatory legislation for bodies such as The Hebrew University Workers Union, The Israel Medical Association, Educational Television, the Headquarters for Cancelling Purchase tax and more.

Roni Rimon
Specialist Strategist and Partner

BA Political Studies and Criminology (Bar Ilan University).
Rimon was a journalist and later the spokesperson for Tel-Aviv-Jaffa City Council. He is a partner in the  Rimon Cohen Sheinkman communications and strategic advice firm. He consults ministers, members of Parliament and key figures in Israeli politics and business.

Benny Cohen
Specialist Strategist and Partner

Lawyer and BA Psychology (Bar Ilan University).
Cohen served as communications advisor to the late Prime Minister Rabin. Before that he was spokesperson for Tel-Aviv-Jaffa City Council, a journalist and a news paper editor. He worked as personal advisor for several leading political figures, and has directed election campaigns. Cohen is also a partner at the Rimon Cohen Sheinkman communications and strategic advice firm, and specialises in managing struggles and financial crisis events, and in strategic and communications advice for both public and business sectors.