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Action Time

We provide ongoing public relations services, marketing and strategic consulting, campaign management, political communication and crisis management.

We believe that public relations and communications are vital for advancing and protecting the reputation of our customers.

We specialize in crisis management and offer discrete case-specific service to a diverse variety of clientele.

Public relations and communications

We develop and implement public relations strategies while building and managing the reputation and exposure of our clients. We identify and reach target audiences and monitor public understanding and expectations. We liaise with the media while analyzing media coverage and fostering community relations.

Marketing and Strategic Consulting

We provide external, expert analysis of our client's strategy and develop marketing management and operational improvement plans to enhance efficiency, performance and general satisfaction.

Campaigning and Political Communications

We manage and assist campaigns for a wide range of political and voluntary organizations. We specialize in advertising, public opinion poles, identifying and reaching supporters, and political consultancy.

Crisis Management

Our specialized teams work on prevention and management of technological, leadership, business and legal crisis, dealing with both internal problems and external confrontation. We support our clients from the time of occurrence the point of recovery and provide planning and escort for system change and for further maintenance and growth where needed. We provide external analysis, advice and spokespeople when required.